Sustainability Statement: Sustainability Statement

We made some strategic sustainability decisions at in the past couple days. Here they are:

  1. Business model: increased focus on personal relationships. We paid serious attention to lessons learned from Truitt Brothers, Country Natural Beef and Duke Marketing about growing a business through long-term sustainable relationships. We’ve replaced our focus on rapid-growth with a focus on sustainable growth. While this may mean less revenue generation – it does mean we are in truly personal relationships with our clients.
  2. Eco-Sensitivity: taking responsibility for how we impact the environment. This decision is a reinforcement and deepening of some philosophies we already had in place. Strategies we’ve revised:
  1. Travel – using mass transit as much as possible. Long-distance trains vs. airlines, renting only alternative fuel vehicles and using public transit. Encouraging staff to commute using public transit or human-power.
  2. Digital Media – using digital means to communicate. Two immediate examples:

i. Printing – we’re only printing business cards. We decided to not use printed sales literature (this also has a benefit in reducing expenses).

ii. Advertising – our original business plan structured a portion of marketing on traditional print advertising through FoodARTS and Nation’s Restaurant News. We will only use personal networking and digital mediums to market our services (this has an expense-reduction benefit as well, saving us over $170,000 in planned expenses first year).

iii. Tradeshows – will exhibit at tradeshows with a minimum of “take-away” materials. We will structure exhibitor presence with a maximum amount of digital media and less emphasis on printed “take-aways”.

  1. Office-space – our plan was to use short-term office leasing in the beginning; we’re not changing that. Our plan also included adaptive reuse of a quasi-industrial loft space at a future time. When we get to that milestone, we’ve identified a local architect with a long-history in Eco-Office design.

Sustainability Promotion: being an active proponent of sustainability. We’re in discussion right now on how best to pursue this. Questions we’re asking ourselves include:

  1. Do we take on clients that have zero belief in sustainability?
  2. What other areas of sustainability assessment, philosophy and practice can we implement?
  3. How can help others to learn about, develop and practice sustainability?

As you can see, this conference was eye-opening for It will restructure us. It will empower us to grow carefully and in deeper consideration of the relationships we build – of the legacy we develop. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have for us.




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