A new medium calls for a new way for investors.  We’re approaching our social networks so we can grow.

This summer my partners and I launched a social media/networking service firm for organizations called  We’re getting a lot of immediate interest from potential clients, business counselors and the public we talk to.  We’ve had enough interest to secure startup investment early in the summer.  Now its time for Phase Two.

In response to queries regarding investing in Phase Two of initial growth for, the LLC members have devised a new way to become involved.

This new way aligns with’s commitment to create meaningful employment, to always choose eco/economic sustainability, and to always strive for authenticity in service and in relationships.

Phase Two of our growth seeks $20,000 from investors. Rather than seek out venture capitalists or submit to the banking industry’s whims, we have decided to offer a limited number of small fractional memberships of the LLC itself.

In other words, when profits, the increased value will belong to its clients and its investors, not to a bank or venture capitalist. We believe this path is the most egalitarian and work-affirming way we could raise our needed working capital.

It seems everyone is aware of social networking and social media, but very few understand its abilities and strengths – especially in building communities for organizations.  There’s a great video published by that easily explains the opportunities that social networking/media present.  You can find it here: provides the human resources to organizations to build and maintain their digital communities.  We’ve got a good concept in a hot market, a sound business plan and the ability/desire to grow nationally.  Our mission statement focuses on three key areas based in sustainability:  creating good jobs for underemployed people, providing top-notch service to our clients and providing fair return on investment to the owners.

We are at that planned milestone now – raising $20,000 through a crowd of small investors – secured entirely through social networking and digital communities – to help us with our desires:

  • Create meaningful employment for people
  • Provide top-notch social media/networking services
  • Create sustainable return on investment to owners

This investment provides with operating capital through December, allowing us to grow a client portfolio that sustains us and lays the foundation for further growth.

The details:  fractional ownership is available at $500 each.  This represents 1/200th of company ownership.  Only forty of these fractions are being offered.  Single investor may own more than one fraction.  Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.  Investors will be listed in a revised Articles of Incorporation with the Oregon Secretary of State.  We’ve set up a PayPal account strictly for use with our investors.

To all of you who already inquired – thank you!  To those of you with new inquiries – welcome!  Please contact me with any questions you may have.


Jeffrey Kingman


Twitter = @JeffreyJKingman

Skype = WolfeCrick

(800) 409-8144


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