Hospitality Social Media… Is Word of Mouth

And Your Best Comment Card System

We all know that word of mouth is the best tool you have to increase your business. It is also the quickest way to have a bad incident shared with a lot of potential customers.

With social media becoming so prevalent in society, your customers are sharing word of mouth as their experience with you happens. They’re sharing with hundreds through cell phones that their meal sucked or that the seafood entrée/crème brulee/French onion soup was simply to die for.

If it’s a bad experience, you can bet they’re tweeting before they even leave your restaurant. If it’s a good experience, they’re sharing that news by the end of the day.

Word of mouth has always been the most effective method for gaining new customers. Today – it’s right now. Game on!

Sharing their dining experience from the taxi...

Sharing their dining experience from the taxi...

At some point, we’ve all used comment cards to assess our customers experiences. Often the feedback is minimal in quantity. With social media you have an instant opportunity to get that feedback.

How advantageous to you is knowing right now what guests, both satisfied and not, feel about your operation? How much value to you is there in being able to respond to both positive and negative experiences within 24 hours?

Here at we’ve been assessing the challenges and opportunities that social media provide the hospitality industry. We’re not experts. We have conducted pretty deep research into the best practices that social media offers hospitality. Social media is a phenomenal tool for engaging your customers directly and quickly, building loyalty and a community that sustains your business through authenticity.

We’d love your feedback!

Jeffrey Kingman

Twitter = @JeffreyJKingman


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