Updates Week 39 of 2009 is busy this week, very busy. Here’s what’s happening for us:

Confirmed Actions:

  • Negotiations with Montana Stock Growers Association, the oldest cattle ranching association in the USA, resume after Errol Rice, Executive Director, returned from a week in Washington D.C.
  • Negotiations have started with a creative media/marketing firm in NYC regarding provision of sub-contracting services for the benefit of their clients. We’re not at a stage we can reveal the other party – perhaps later this week.
  • Negotiations continue with private parties on Phase Two investment.
  • Jeffrey Kingman, CEO of heads to Seattle to speak at Coffee Fest 2009 on social media in hospitality.
  • Friday, Jeffrey joins Dr. Ola Aynei, CEO of as a guest speaker via webinar on ‘Restaurant 2.0: Social and Mobile Media at 130 Central time.
  • Strategic planning and continuing execution are ongoing with clients in the Oregon and Massachusetts markets.
  • Networking and advertising begin for major metropolitan Commissioned Sales Directors.

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