Website Music = FAIL

A bit of caution to operators and their websites. Do you have your website automatically playing some catchy song you think will attract potential diners to your restaurant?

You might never get them in the door and probably are scaring them off your website.

Much of our society work 9-5 in offices. We all know they’re taking mini-breaks through the day, browsing for a great restaurant – which might be you.

What do you think they’re going to do when they reach you through Yelp or Urban Spoon – and music starts playing? Yep – hit that backspace key as fast as they can! Can’t let the boss hear that I’m surfing the web!

Be smart on your websites. Many website designers exist to create flashy and admittedly very intriguing designs – and its okay for them to be proud of their creativity. But put yourself in the shoes (or office chair) of your existing or potential customer. Your site should load quick, be simple and clear (with a direct call to action), have links to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and …… no music.

A random Wednesday evening survey by Seattle’s top food blogger on Twitter had this result to the question of “music on restaurant websites: y/n?”. Within five minutes over 50 responses with all of them “no”.

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