Social Web: Mobile Devices Are Changing the Hospitality Industry

After reviewing an article on the mobile device wars – this paragraph jumped out at me:

“Today, Gartner predicted that this year, worldwide smartphone shipments would grow by 29 percent year over year to 180 million units, exceeding laptop unit shipments. From this year, Gartner predicts that end users will spend more on smartphones than they will on notebooks. The analyst firm expects that most PC manufacturers will move into the smartphone market (where Apple already is with iPhone).”  iPhone cannot win the smartphone wars. betanews

There’s a flirtation beginning between hospitality and technology. Some operators have been caught by technology’s wink and are fully responding, driving toward a marriage of the industries. I’m going to state that those operators “get it”.

Other operators have adopted a more cautious “is this for real?” attitude towards technology’s flirtations. These operators think that tech is pretty damn cute, but maybe a bit flighty. Jump in, friends. If you don’t, you might just pass up a hot relationship.

Then there are other operators who don’t even realize they’re being flirted with. I don’t know what to say to them – other than you need to get out more often.

Am I making predictions? You bet! Technology and the social web are fundamentally changing the restaurant and lodging game – faster than you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this..


2 Comments to “Social Web: Mobile Devices Are Changing the Hospitality Industry”

  1. Without a doubt, technology is paving the way for the hospitality to reach out to its customers in new and innovative ways. Smartphones have already begun to play a huge role with hotels creating phone applications to help travelers determine price and book rooms, and they are sure to continue to influence how the lodging industry will evolve in the future.

  2. Passing quickly are the days when you had a cell phone to make phone calls. Now it is a computer that you can also make calls on. With that portable technology comes the ability to connect to your customer base in seconds as opposed to days. We have become a society of technology junkies (for lack of a better word). If operators do not take advantage of this opportunity to engage their customers through social media, then they are losing out on an incredible opportunity. Technology is here and growing every day. We must take the time to use it to our advantage.

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