#custserv 01 :: Comment Cards

#custserv 01 :: Comment Cards

This is a transcript from The Customer Service Dialogue on Twitter: Tuesdays at 9pm EST on hashtag #custserv. This transcript is from 12/22 and the topic was Comment Cards. ~ Jeffrey

Co-hosted by Marsha Collier and Jeffrey J Kingman

The Customer Service dialogue on Twitter. Weekly at 9 pm Eastern; follow #custserv

#custserv is a weekly dialogue covering different aspects of the customer service experience, both on and off-line.

12/22 :: Transcript :: Comment Cards
Tonight’s topic is the use of comment cards in service businesses; do comment cards work?


JeffreyJKingman Co-hosting a dialogue on customer service (Twitter: follow
#custserv) w/Marsha Collier, Amazon.com’s best-sell author of eBay for Dummies

JeffreyJKingman In 15 minutes the dialogue on comment cards begins. Follow
#custserv to discuss your feelings on Customer Service w/co-host

gypsytrading Hmm.. like this? #Custserv

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman I think I am lost.. not sure I get how this
works.. #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman @gypsytrading perfect! #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Another Lurker in #custserv (cc: @socialsonya,
@gypsytrading) – :)))

JeffreyJKingman Just a warning to all you lurkers in #custserv tonight:
Immagonnacallyouout, but then take the mic back 😉

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman so is this about the restaurant cards>? or any
customer service? #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman It’s about comment cards (on and off-line) in any industry.
#custserv cc:@gypsytrading #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Four minutes and counting. Tonight’s Customer Service topic:
Comment Cards #custserv

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman got it.. #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman Again, an apology to all my followers: co-hosting w/bestselling
author of eBay for Dummies a twitter chat on customer service #custserv

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman why are you apologizing? #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman Ok – let’s see if @MarshaCollier is with us.. Marsha – you here?

MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman Here I am! Let’s get #custserv started!

wrw_usa RT @JeffreyJKingman: Four minutes and counting. Tonight’s Customer
Service topic: Comment Cards #custserv

scuffersteakvt Am I on time for the comment card chat? #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @gypsytrading for the quantity of tweeting I will be doing in the
next hour plus 🙂 #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Good evening everyone! Thank you for joining us tonight on
#custserv. Marsha, can you intro yourself to the folks? #custserv

ChefMaxient RT @ScanMonkeys: Would you rather have 100 customers who buy
once or 1 customer who buys 100 times? >> 1 customer buys 100 times!

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman ahh.. no worries. 😛 good topic.. #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman @scuffersteakvt Yeay! You made it! #custserv

waitersworld #custserv Paul Paz of WaitersWorld onboard for this event… I think!

MarshaCollier @ChefMaxient Good point, that answer should be written in granit.
Thank you #custserv

waitersworld #custserv do we have a preset of quesitons to begin with?

JeffreyJKingman @waitersworld Hi Paul, Welcome to the Customer Service
dialoge! #custserv

socialsonya RT @JeffreyJKingman: Another Lurker in #custserv (cc:
@socialsonya, @gypsytrading) – :))) <– not lurking so much 😀

scuffersteakvt Never actually been in at start of a Twitter chat before – what’s
protocol? #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @MarshaCollier Can you introduce yourself Marsha? #custserv

MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman Oh, heck, I’m an author, radio host and
working on a new business book for Wiley on Customer Service (a fan of

gypsytrading @2woofers nah.. back and forth.. come over to twitterchat.com and
type in #custserv.. join, good conversation

MarshaCollier (check my Twitter bio) #custserv

JeffreyJKingman I will intro Marsha and myself, then ask peeps to intro
themselves, then have generalized questions for you all #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Marsha is the best=selling author (Amazon.com) of eBay for
Dummies with over 1 million copies sold, as well #custserv

MarshaCollier @scuffersteakvt Jeff will ask questions, and we throw out answers
in the form of a discussion.. #custserv

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman Shh.. I am not talking, just listening. :))

wrw_usa @scuffersteakvt play nice? #custserv

JeffreyJKingman I’m Jeff, former Exec Chef 9X across the US; CEO/Founder of
Chalkboarder.com #custserv

mommysbazaar @gypsytrading I am there also but back and forth #custserv

MarshaCollier @gypsytrading Thank you – twitterchat.com is an excellent way to
follow along #custserv

JeffreyJKingman People – feel free to intro yourselves if you like :))) #custserv

gypsytrading @mommysbazaar good.. wanted to listen in #Custserv

socialsonya RT @gypsytrading: @JeffreyJKingman Shh.. I am not talking, just
listening. :)) #Custserv <– Me too @gypsytrading 😀

JeffreyJKingman Tonight’s topic (part of a now-weekly customer service
discussion) is on Comment Cards; in any industry #custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier welcome, all new to me.. so I will just sit in corner
and be quiet. 🙂 #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q1: As a consumer, do you believe paper comment cards are
worth it to fill out? #custserv

wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman Owner operator of Wedding Ring Workshop USA

gypsytrading can anyone answer? #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman Anyone can jump right in and please do :)))) #custserv

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman I think it depends on the questions on the card,
if they are not well thought out, then no #Custserv

MarshaCollier Q1 Sometimes yes, sometimes no, If I feel strongly about service
one way or the other – I always fill out #custserv

waitersworld #custserv Customers in general are familiar with the written
comment card service but not as willing to participate

iTweetMeat Q1 Not really. I think they’re seldom read (or action’s taken), and I
really only fill them out when I’m really fired up #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @wrw_usa Welcome to our little chat on customer service!

gypsytrading @iTweetMeat That happens to, I have seen alot, but again I think it
depends #Custserv

MarshaCollier Q1: That’s what I mean. AN emotional response on the service
makes one fill them out @iTweetMeat #custserv

wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman Q1 absent other feedback yes; tho seem quite
archaic in web2.0 world #custserv

scuffersteakvt Q1 Yes if I have very good/bad exp., or expect some love back in
some form – coupons, bday, etc. But only if I care about bus. #custserv

wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman TY a first timer #custserv

waitersworld #custserv I agree with ItMeat

JeffreyJKingman Q1 (followup) so there is a perception of ?? by the consumer?

waitersworld #custserv “Emotional response” is certainly a motivator

MarshaCollier Q1: Filled one out at Chateau Marmont about abysmal service, they
stopped me as I was leaving & offered drinks in the bar. Nice. #custserv

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman whats important, where we are, what the
product is.. ect #Custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier lol..well that works. 😛 #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q2: As a consumer, have you ever wanted to fill comment card
out, but felt it would not be read? #custserv

MarshaCollier Q1: I think the perception – especially when there is a follow up, is
that the establishment cares #custserv

iTweetMeat Q1 If at restaurant, I tend to reflect impression of svc with tip I
do/don’t leave, if attributable 2 server (vs comment card) #custserv

MarshaCollier Q2: Absolutely, especially in mail order, but also in some
restaurants. If they act like they don’t care – why bother? #custserv

JeffreyJKingman LOL It just struck me that this sounds like a comment card
format for the questions (self-critique) #custserv

iTweetMeat @MarshaCollier re: follow-up, more to do w/ management?

gypsytrading @iTweetMeat I think that applies anywhere, in any business.
Success shows. #Custserv

MarshaCollier Q2: Yes, a lot of the responsibility is in the server’s hands and their
attitude #custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier and if they don’t care, I don’t go back #Custserv

waitersworld #custserv Q2 Yes… but rather than waste my time I just don’t
come back

scuffersteakvt Q2 – Yes. And am always surprised when there is actual follow-up.

iTweetMeat Everyone supply their comment (card) to Jeff afterwards 😀

MarshaCollier As a business owner, responding and following up is very important,
otherwise why bother #custserv @gypsytrading

scuffersteakvt Q2 @marshacollier I think it’s still true that service is #1 reason
people do/don’t return. #custserv

gypsytrading @iTweetMeat lol #Custserv

iTweetMeat Q2 Many times. More frustrating when they’re out of comment cards
(that sends mixed msgs, tho) #custserv

wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman Q2 always; rarely if ever complete #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Toward Q2 – I never fill them out. I don’t trust paper comment
cards. #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q2: @iTweetMeat I agree – if you know they have the cards,
and you don’t get one #fail #custserv

MarshaCollier Q2: Crappy food can also be a factor @scuffersteakvt #custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier I agree, but shows in success, if your running a
business well, getting tips, feedback, all that, shows.. #Custserv

MarshaCollier Q2: Yes! Important – perhaps draw attention to the comment card
when it’s given to the customer? #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Bonus Question Q2-A: Are you hesitant to provide your
email/contact info on comment cards (security)? #custserv

MarshaCollier Q2: Give me a customer card on a little plate w candy #custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier That would work. #Custserv

iTweetMeat Q2-A I suppose, yes. I want to be anonymous (esp if the comment is
negative) #custserv

MarshaCollier Q2-A: To seriously fill out a comment card, you need to be willing to
get involved, so I always give info (Google voice #) #custserv

scuffersteakvt Q2 Bonus @jeffreyjkingman – Do you mean as person filling out
or business who creates card? #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q2 Marsha, that would show they give the system a priority, no?
(on plate w/candy) #custserv

waitersworld #custserv As a waiter I have always provided a comment card to
every table with the invitation, “Here’s your chance to get even!”

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier This is common business sense, if you know your
business and customers, don’t need card #Custserv

MarshaCollier RT @gypsytrading: if you’r running a business well, getting tips,
feedback, all that, shows.. #Custserv #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @scuffersteakvt Meaning as a consumer do you put your
email/phone, etc on comment cards? #custserv

wrw_usa LOL RT .@waitersworld: #custserv As a waiter always provided a
comment card to every table w the invitation, Here’s your chance to get even!

MarshaCollier Q2: Making customer comments (e.g. #custserv ) a priority is of
utmost importance in my book #custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier ty~ 😛 #Custserv

MarshaCollier @waitersworld Get even? maybe not. #custserv

scuffersteakvt Q2 Bonus: Yes, willing to put phone/email – if I want/expect to hear
back or get something. #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @waitersworld somehow I doubt w/your waiter experience you
actually made that statement (get even).. :)) #custserv

wrw_usa @gypsytrading precious little ‘common sense’ in service businesses;
we’re Americans and don’t serve well! #Custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier yeah. not get even.. they spit on food..lol..

waitersworld #custserv I thiik customers are reluctant to fill out comments cards
as they don’t care for any confrontations. They came in to have fun not

JeffreyJKingman Q3: Do you ever use social media to submit comments to a
business? #custserv

MarshaCollier @gypsytrading I worry about the spitting on food myself
sometimes. #custserv

waitersworld #custserv They come in to have fun not argue with the house

gypsytrading @wrw_usa lol..maybe I am not American then,(did say that?) but
agreed, some people should not be in service industry #Custserv

MarshaCollier @wrw_usa Common sense has been pretty lost these days. Part of
the purpose of this chat is hopefully to bring some back #custserv

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman q3 I did this morning on twitter @Wachovia!

wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman Q3 yes, makes it so much easier. #custserv

waitersworld #custserv “Get even”… It’s like good joke… it’s all in the delivery!

scuffersteakvt Q3 Yes, but often not publicly. Small town, small business
community. #custserv

MarshaCollier Exactly. In any service establishment, making a fun experience for
the customer should be on par with Quality. (i.e. Apple Stores) #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q4: Have you ever received a response from a comment card
you filled out? #custserv

mommysbazaar @MarshaCollier part of the problem is common sense is pretty
subjective, what makes sense to me my not make sense to others #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman Very interesting. RT @scuffersteakvt: Q3 Yes, but often not
publicly. Small town, small business community. #custserv

iTweetMeat Q3 Depends on the account(s) I’m using! #custserv

JeffreyJKingman I never spit on the food! RT @MarshaCollier: @gypsytrading I
worry about the spitting on food myself sometimes. #custserv

waitersworld #custserv “some people should not be in service industry” that’s a
continuing problem as service is the #1 complaint for many many years!

iTweetMeat Q4 I’ve been called one time #custserv

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman lol… good to know. 🙂 #Custserv

MarshaCollier Q3 Complained about FedEx on Twitter, they emailed me an address
But after previously being on phone for an hour, It was worthless #custserv

iTweetMeat Q3 Anyway, yes, I’ve used SM to direct comments to a business

wrw_usa @MarshaCollier a very worthwhile intention. #custserv

gypsytrading @mommysbazaar that;s true.. also.RE common sense #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q5 Do you trust that cards provide companies with valuable
feedback? #custserv

MarshaCollier @gypsytrading What happeend w Wachovia? #custserv

mommysbazaar Q3 I will for something positive but not a negative #Custserv

connectingwomen @MarshaCollier what is #custserv? is it still going on?

MarshaCollier @waitersworld Agreed, service & sales careers are just that.
CAREERS for those who enjoy dealing with people #custserv

MarshaCollier @mommysbazaar I believe there is some level of commonality to
all people, no? #custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier twittered for GuruOfSales he had problem with
accounts, and #Custserv #fail.. he changed banks #Custserv

MarshaCollier @connectingwomen yes, please join in. This is a weekly discussion
about customer service. Just hash #custserv

mommysbazaar when that mess with Tdbank not crediting deposits happened it
was all over twitter but to me the venom was counterproductive #Custserv

connectingwomen @MarshaCollier Great! how long does this going on?

waitersworld #custserv Q5 Yes comments from customers in any form are

MarshaCollier Q5: Giving valuable feedback is up to the customer. Saying that your
service or merchandise sucks isn;t enough #custserv

scuffersteakvt Q5 Big question. No. #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q6 Ever felt frustrated that you filled out a card and got no
response? #custserv

iTweetMeat Q5 Provided someone doesn’t go through the cards first, yes, they
may offer valuable feedback. Does employee card sorting happen? #custserv

gypsytrading @mommysbazaar I think when it is blown up, like that, I agree,
counter productive, but letting them know your unhappy is not #Custserv

MarshaCollier @mommysbazaar Good point. When you are angry, venom is
counterproductive. “you attract more flies w honey” #custserv

scuffersteakvt Q6 Yes! #custserv

waitersworld #custserv From my od mentor, Bob Farrell, “Service IS Sales!”

JeffreyJKingman @iTweetMeat Q5 Yes to a small degree. If card is collected by
server who gave bad service (spitballs) #custserv

wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman spit + food = a bad visual! #custserv

MarshaCollier Q5: Shouldn’t customer service cards be given to a specific person
as they are collected? Otherwise, it’s too random #custserv

scuffersteakvt @mommysbazaar Have you read Dooce’s experience with her
washer? Interesting & instructive. #custserv

JeffreyJKingman RT @scuffersteakvt: Q6 Yes! Can you expand w/example?

MarshaCollier Worth repeating! RT @waitersworld #custserv From my old
mentor, Bob Farrell, “Service IS Sales!”

JeffreyJKingman @scuffersteakvt Can you get us a link to Dooce’s experience?

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier Q5 yes, If that is the business practice, then should
go to senior management #Custserv

wordsdonewrite @MarshaCollier I just wrote a blog post about customer service,
so I’m enjoying your tweets! http://tinyurl.com/y9fkqlm #custserv

MarshaCollier RT @wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman spit + food = a bad visual!

waitersworld #custserv @ITweetMeat Yes employees do intercept comment
cards to glean any complaints on service. That skews the info to mgmt

hianthony My dad always said “you attract more (bees) w honey” … and it works.
Recent #custserv experience with Apple, kindless paid.

mommysbazaar @MarshaCollier agreed theres some level of commonality but
customer service expectations R also based on personality & experience #Custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q7 As a consumer – how would you prefer a business receive
your positive/negative comments? #custserv

MarshaCollier Q5: Or go to a designated #custserv employee

scuffersteakvt @waitersworld #custserv So right! Front line staff = sales force.
Good businesses empower and respect.

waitersworld #custserv “Spit in food” Ok… you guys saw the moving WAITING.
Yes it does happen but it is certainly in the minority.

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman Q7 by repeat business #Custserv

MarshaCollier @scuffersteakvt Please tell us about Dooce’s experience

iTweetMeat @MarshaCollier I read “designated #custserv employee” and
immediately thought of airlines #custserv

wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman F2F, via web or social media, comment cards in very
last order #custserv

MarshaCollier True that. Respect. Absolutely. Customer service is about respecting
your employees AND your customers #custserv

mommysbazaar @JeffreyJKingman Q7 my pediatricians office sends surveys to
the house I actually like that as a why to express + and – of care #Custserv

MarshaCollier @hianthony Tee hee, your dad & I think alike! #honey #custserv

hianthony iMac rebate never arrived. Meanwhile, new model was released. Apple
issued refund of unopened Mac & coupon toward new one. #custserv

scuffersteakvt #custserv Dooce had terrible problem w/ washing machine, new
baby, became desperate. Top mommyblogger & couldn’t get call answered …

MarshaCollier @waitersworld Interesting point. I guess initially, it’s in the
employees hand to pass the card on #custserv

youthsportsmark Totally Agree RT @MarshaCollier Worth repeating! RT @waitersworld #custserv From my old mentor, Bob Farrell, “Service IS Sales!”

JeffreyJKingman RT @wrw_usa: @JeffreyJKingman F2F, via web or social
media, comment cards in very last order :: I like that! #custserv

MarshaCollier @waitersworld Never ming the movie Waiting – how about Fight
Club. ICK #custserv

MarshaCollier @youthsportsmark Welcome to #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q8 As a business: what % of your total customers return
comments (via cards or other means)? #custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier gotta run, this going on next week? thank you for
having me.. interesting #Custserv

MarshaCollier @scuffersteakvt and? #custserv

scuffersteakvt #custserv … began Tweeting in frustration, venting, much venom.
At first told no repair was available for 6 wks, but somehow her 1M …

MarshaCollier Had a similar experience with Palm on my new Pre @hianthony – it
was replaced without question #custserv

gypsytrading @JeffreyJKingman Thank you for invite.. gotta run, have a great
evening~ Merry Christmas if I don’t see you~ #Custserv

wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman dinner time; thanks for hosting chat! #custserv

gypsytrading @MarshaCollier Merry Christmas if I don’t see you~ #Custserv

scuffersteakvt #custserv … 1M followers reading her bad exp. resulted in phone
call with VP, parts shipped overnight, AND washer given to local shelter.

JeffreyJKingman We have four more questions on Customer Service topic of
comment cards for tonight. #custserv

MarshaCollier RT @iTweetMeat I read “designated #custserv employee” and
immediately thought of airlines

JeffreyJKingman @gypsytrading Merry Christmas! #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @wrw_usa Merry Christmas! #custserv

MarshaCollier @gypsytrading We hope that #custserv will be a weekly chat.
Thanks for contributing

wrw_usa @JeffreyJKingman one last thought; if biz is NOT monitoring brand
convo on Twitter; they ain’t doin; it right! #custserv

MarshaCollier @scuffersteakvt But not everyone had 1M followers. every
customer should be respected #custserv

MarshaCollier RT @wrw_usa If biz is NOT monitoring brand convo on Twitter;
they ain’t doin; it right! #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q9 As a business, is your comment/feedback system providing
ROI? #custserv

MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman Wish we had the answer to #8! #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Intriguing! RT @MarshaCollier: @JeffreyJKingman Wish we
had the answer to #8! #custserv

MarshaCollier RT @groby as a customer, I’m only willing to give feedback to
businesses that actually care and try to improve #custserv

MarshaCollier @2woofers Just do a search on #custserv and hashmark your
comments the same

mommysbazaar @2woofers the hash tag is #custserv

iTweetMeat Q8 In our small shop, about 50%. And it’s all F2F. #custserv

MarshaCollier @gypsytrading Every Tuesday 9p EST #custserv

scuffersteakvt @marshacollier Exactly! But shows that that can be what it takes
to get business to respond to complaints. #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Does anyone have a method for calculating the return of
comments vs total customers that is effective? #custserv

hianthony @MarshaCollier That’s good to know about Palm’s #custserv. Have
heard that they “get it” on product development side too.

waitersworld #custserv running tally of guest counts fromPOS matched against #
of Ccards

MarshaCollier @hianthony Interesting that Sprint has improved their #custserv
immensely too. It’s why I’m writing my book. Respecting customer = sales

JeffreyJKingman Folks – our last question tonight: What topics would you like to
see in weekly #custserv? #custserv

connectingwomen RT @MarshaCollier @gypsytrading Custserv Every Tuesday
9p EST #custserv

MarshaCollier RT @JeffreyJKingman What topics would you like to see in weekly
#custserv? –

mommysbazaar @MarshaCollier I think that is one of the big things I notice in
online selling, many sellers do not respect their customer based #Custserv

SkagitIMS RT @MarshaCollier: RT @groby as a customer, I’m only willing to give
feedback to businesses that actually care and try to improve #custserv

waitersworld #custserv What are the top 5 Facebook Page applications and how
are they used for business?

MarshaCollier RT @waitersworld #custserv running tally of guest counts
fromPOS matched against # of Ccards

scuffersteakvt #custserv Interested in discussion re: right ways to get customer
feedback. (Or does manner matter as much as follow-up?)

MarshaCollier @SkagitIMS Wish you’d found us earlier, winding down now. Pls
join us again next week at 9p EST w hash #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @MarshaCollier # of books shipped vs # comments received?

MarshaCollier @scuffersteakvt Personally, I think the follow up is the key.
Perhaps that could be the topic @jeffreyjkingman #custserv

waitersworld #custserv WaitersWorld off line. Merry Christmas & Happy New

MarshaCollier @waitersworld oooo – I like that (also currently writing twitter &
Facebook For Seniors) #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Cust Service Tidbit: UrbanSpoon gives more than double weight
to a negative comment for restaurant reviews #custserv

iTweetMeat @JeffreyJKingman I’d like to know strategies to educate those
providing the #custserv, i.e. servers knowing more about the menu #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @MarshaCollier Should we make Customer Service FollowUp
the topic next week? #custserv

mommysbazaar on comments I find on forums and things like that #Custserv

MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman Problematic. My publisher & their website get
most of that. Perhaps I could get a rep 2 join chat cc @jennylwebb #custserv

MarshaCollier RT @iTweetMeat @JeffreyJKingman I’d like to know strategies to
educate those providing the #custserv, i.e. servers knowing more about menu

MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman Let’s work that out. Thank you everyone for
participating in the first ever #custserv chat. Hope to see you next week!

hianthony @MarshaCollier Respect equaling sales is the right formula. Many folks
willing to pay more, knowing positive #custserv awaits.

JeffreyJKingman Marsha and I will follow everyone who participated tonight if you
want to DM later (give us a little time to do follows, please) #custserv

MarshaCollier @mommysbazaar Thank you. I hope we’ll see you next week. This
was interesting #custserv

MarshaCollier True! RT @hianthony Respect equaling sales is the right formula.
Many folks willing to pay more, knowing positive #custserv awaits.

JeffreyJKingman I hope everyone got a little something from tonight and want to
give huge thanks for playing our first #custserv sandbox 🙂 #custserv

mommysbazaar @MarshaCollier yes it was, sorry I missed the beginning of it

MarshaCollier @hianthony RESPECT is the theme of my upcoming #custserv
book for WIley. Funny you should say that.

JeffreyJKingman The entire dialogue is available for your use later by searching the
hashtag #custserv. #custserv

JeffreyJKingman I’ll make sure there is a permanent and full transcript available
later and will post the url to #custserv tomorrow morning. #custserv

ebayinkblog Bummed I missed the #custserv discussion. @MarshaCollier I’ll try
and join in next week.

JeffreyJKingman Thanks so much for joining @MarshaCollier and I tonight for discussion of Customer Service: Comment Cards! #custserv

scuffersteakvt Thanks @marshacollier & @jeffreyjkingman! #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @scuffersteakvt Thank you! #custserv

mommysbazaar @MarshaCollier ,@JeffreyJKingman – thanks so much it was
an interesting conversation #Custserv

mommysbazaar @ebayinkblog glad to see you are you on the mend? #Custserv

hianthony @MarshaCollier Good luck with the #custserv book! Look forward to
reading it. When is it due out?
JeffreyJKingman #custserv comment cards must be filled out in triplicate and
mailed by certified mail (please include only good comments) #snark #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Allright ya’ll Thank you so much for being in here with us… Merry
Christmas!! 🙂 #custserv

MarshaCollier @hianthony I’m writing it now. If you have any interesting tidbits to
add, PLS let me know. Hope to see you back in #custserv next week

hianthony @MarshaCollier Will do. It’s my first time seeing #custserv. Is it
9pm-10pm ET on Tues?

JeffreyJKingman @hianthony #custserv is weekly Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern.
Hope you enjoyed!

hianthony Good $ebay #custserv story: RT @BW EBay’s Last-Minute Delivery
Push http://bit.ly/925qlO

MarshaCollier Yes, please join us again, was a great chat. RT @hianthony It’s my first time seeing #custserv. Is it 9pm-10pm ET on Tues?


2 Comments to “#custserv 01 :: Comment Cards”

  1. You are unquestionably correct with this writing.

  2. Exceptional piece of writing..

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