From One Chef (former) to Another: Get Real

From a Yelp Review in Portland OR

Since our table was quite long we could not converse with everyone at once. I made a visit to the other end of the table after dinner but before dessert to thank people for coming. One guest had ordered salmon and it was too under-done for her liking. She sent it back to the kitchen requesting it be cooked longer. The chef sent it back, saying that is how salmon should be cooked, refusing to cook it further. Needless to say, the guest did not eat her salmon. To me, that was over the top rude. I can just about guarantee she will not be back, and I’m not sure I will come back based on that arrogance.

Yo, Chef – WTHeck?.

We still have in this industry pretentious and jerk chefs (that jerk descriptor is directed at all the chefs I was the replacement for and had to rebuild relations with the BOH and FOH staff).

If you aren’t completely focused on giving the guest what they want – you need to get into some other field.


2 Comments to “From One Chef (former) to Another: Get Real”

  1. That chef has been watching too much television, has an inflated sense of his own importance, and an ego that over-rides common sense.

    If a customer desires catsup on salad, or ice in red wine, that’s what they get.

    They come to a restaurant to be catered to – not for school.

    Provide hospitality or lose.

  2. I agree whole heartedly. It’s all about the guest. I’m a firm believer that people are creatures of habit; we frequent a defined number of establishments. If a customer is lost for any reason, gaining a regular customer only becomes possible if another restaurant’s customer changes their habit and becomes a frequent customer of ours. Not as easy as one might think.

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