Higher Grounds Coffee Roaster (NJ)

We met Higher Grounds Coffee Roaster virtually after Coffee Fest Meadowlands. I’d received 1200+ email addresses of Show attendees from Coffee Fest and emailed all of them describing Chalkboarder’s services. HGCR replied within a few days in query.

Interestingly, we experienced a .02% return on that mass emailing, further reinforcing my belief that email just sucks as a direct marketing tool, even when it isn’t really “cold-calling”. I’m not sure how to assess if it was content or that it came directly from info@chalkboarder.com and got blocked or ignored. We’re assessing if email could be better if it came from a service like iContact or Constant Contact.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been chatting with HGCR about a social media strategy for them. Its been a great conversation with detailed questions from Mark Devlin, one of the partners of HGCR. I appreciate the depth and breadth of his inquiries and have been contrasting this experience to others that simply said “I don’t understand this Social Media stuff – can you just get started and go do it?”.

Suffice to say, this post is a thank you to Mark – for your critical insight and questions. I enjoy being challenged like this.

Jeffrey J Kingman, CEO


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