Year Two: Chalkboarder’s Course

From the beginning, I’ve had a vision for Chalkboarder, to be an extremely creative, very personal and highly effective relational networking and social media services firm.

Comparatively, I see Chalkboarder as the “Orange County Choppers” of brand development agencies – creative, fun, selective, a little crazy and a little “bad”. We’ve been moving in that direction since the beginning.

As we begin year two, this vision has solidified. We’ve got great clients:
Coffee Fest
Dessert Professional Magazine
Rewarding Feedback
Oak Grove Coffeehouse
Jenee Halstead Music
Nicky USA

While we’re hospitality/gastronomic centric, our client diversity is wonderful. We’ve got proposals out to companies in even more diverse industries:
Event/Tradeshow/Conference Management
Premium Cattle Ranching
Social Web Applications

We’ve expanded at our one year anniversary to establishing field sales representation in New York City and Los Angeles, something we’re deeply excited about. In year two I’m intent to put together a shop in Portland that has permanent staff capable of video/audio production, animation and effective brand content production for clients. I seek to expand our proprietary networks of contacts internationally, leveraging our ability to put brands together to clients and effectively engineering successful relationships for them.

To our existing and future clients – we’re definitely excited about being in community with you!


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