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June 30, 2010

Dessert Professional Magazine at World Pastry Forum

We’ve got a veritable flurry of social media content messaging happening over the next seven days from our client Dessert Professional Magazine.

Dessert Professional Magazine

Rather than publish a hundred blogposts a day from this client into Chalkboarder News, we invite you to follow them directly:

DessertTube on Posterous

Dessert Professional on Facebook

Dessert Professional on Twitter

DessertTube on Twitter

DessertTubeTV on You Tube

You can also follow the activity via Chalkboarder’s Facebook and Twitter accounts – and through my personal accounts:

Chalkboarder on Facebook

Chalkboarder on Twitter

Jeffrey on Facebook

Jeffrey on Twitter

Many thanks (!) and I hope you can keep up 😉

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June 30, 2010

Dessert Pro: World Pastry Championship thread #wpfwptc on Twitter

Our client Dessert Professional Magazine, sponsor of Team Mexico at the World Pastry Chef Team Championships in Phoenix over the next week, is using the Twitter hashtag #wpfwptc.

Here’s the first message from the show:

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June 29, 2010

Chalkboarder’s New Look..

We launched a new look to Chalkboarder yesterday, reformatting our main site (here) and re-launching another site Chalkboarder News.

Chalkboarder 2010

Chalkboarder News is our company and client newswire service. We’re sharing everything we post for our clients (and for us) there as it happens. We’d love for you to check it out and if you wish to stay abreast of current developments, please subscribe or RSS feed.

We’re using our main site here to discuss relationship engineering, social media, the evolution of the social web, customer service, organizational sustainability, brand concept and development and my favorite topic – building and nurturing organizational villages.

Our relationship engineering team includes Bill Bridgmon (VP Sales), Matthew Vitorla (NE Reg Sales), Jennifer Collins (SE Reg Sales), Judith Smith (Editor) and myself. I anticipate you’ll see an noticeable uptick in activity here at Chalkboarder.


June 29, 2010

Water Ave Coffee: Now Open

Water Ave Coffee

Portland OR

Water Avenue Coffee

Water Avenue Coffee, part of Bellissimo Coffee Infogroup and American Barista Coffee School, opened this last weekend. Brandon, the Head Roaster, shared with me a fantastic cup of old wine barrel Oak Barrel Aged Sumatran coffee. Wow!

If you’re in Portland, head on over to SE Water Avenue, between Hawthorne and Belmont. Bunk Sandwiches is opening on the corner and Clark Lewis Restaurant is across the street. Oh, and if you subscribe to Imbibe Magazine, they’re upstairs.

Great coffee, awesome snacks, excellently personable staff and wifi. Check it out!

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June 29, 2010

Dessert Professional: A message to all members of Dessert Professional

Dessert Professional

New York, NY

World Pastry Forum

The 2010 World Pastry Forum starts tomorrow, Wednesday, June 30th, featuring five days of classes from a faculty of world class pastry chefs, and ends on Sunday, July 4th. The World Pastry Team Championship starts the next day, ending on Tuesday, July 6th. Seven teams will compete over the course of thirteen hours to create chocolate and sugar showpieces and five different kinds of desserts – plated desserts, entremets, and more (tune in to find out what all five types of desserts are).

Dessert Professional will be on-site all day every day of the forum and championship bringing it to you “live” via Twitter, Facebook, and on video through DessertTube. We’ll be interviewing instructors and students, bringing you short demos from several of the classes, reporting from the Championship as it happens, bringing you information from Forum and Championship sponsors about what they’re showcasing – and we even plan to do some live streaming of important moments from the Championship.

THE BEST WAY way to keep track of what’s going on will be to use the Tweebus widget on the home page of – just click on the “Live Tweets” button for the up-to-the-moment Tweetstream. If you use Twitter, this widget keeps track of the “hashtag” #wpfwptc and you can follow @DessertPro from your Twitter account to make sure you get all the news as it happens. If you’re not a Twitter user you can still join in the discussion using the Tweebus widget on the home page of (Please let us know who you are by starting your tweets with your name, as in, “Clay says:”.)

If you have questions or feedback about the photos, videos, or reports we’re posting, please send them to us via Twitter using #wpfwptc and we’ll do our best to find the answers and respond. As always – thanks for your support. Without your continued interest and passion for The Art of Dessert none of this would be possible.

The moderation team
The DessertTube production team
All the staff and writers of Dessert Professional magazine

Visit Dessert Professional at:

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June 29, 2010

Nicky USA: 4th of July Special Offer

Nicky USA

Portland, OR


This week on special we’ve got Nicky Farms Buffalo Tri-tips at $7.95/lb. Call in with code “Blues Fest” to 1 (800) 469-4126.

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June 29, 2010

A New Look

Chalkboarder Logo

Yup… summer’s here – and with it, a whole new feel for Chalkboarder.

June 26, 2010

An Apology to the Dessert Professional Community

Open Letter of Apology

I have a personal and professional apology to make.

Yesterday I attended the open house grand opening of Water Avenue Coffee in Portland, Oregon. I have been witness to the process my friends Bruce and Matt Milletto and the Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup/American Barista Coffee School have been through to birth a coffee roastery and roasting school with coffee bar for several months now.

While there, Brandon, their head roaster, knowing my background as a fine-dining executive chef, shared with me a cup of coffee truly fantastic. He had taken green Sumatran beans and stored them in old oak wine barrels for two weeks, then roasted them.

In blunt honesty, this cup of coffee is the best coffee I have ever tasted. I got really excited about it.

In my excitement, I sent out a tweet from several Twitter accounts; @jeffreyjkingman, @coffeefestshow, @chalkboarder and from my client Dessert Professional Magazine‘s account @dessertpro. My failure is this – I used the acronym “OM*G” in the message.

To all the followers of @dessertpro and to any other followers of the other accounts who are offended by the use of this acronym, I deeply and sincerely apologies. I most definitely did not mean to offend with my excitement. My passion as a culinarian and gourmand spilled over.

I appreciate that a couple of you following @dessertpro took the time to call the magazine’s office to complain. The energy expended in doing so I cannot repay, but it indicates that you care about Dessert Professional Magazine. To Matthew Stevens, Tish Boyle and the rest of the staff at Dessert Professional, my sincerest apologies for mis-representing your brand.

Please feel free to message me anytime about content that I distribute over any social network, from my accounts, Chalkboarder’s accounts or any of our clients accounts.

Most sincerely,

Jeffrey J Kingman
CEO, Chalkboarder