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November 2, 2009

Hotel Max Seattle

Two weekends ago as I began an almost month long sales trip on the road to New England, I stopped in Seattle for two nights to venture forth about town with Seattle’s top food blogger, Traca Savadago.

Traca writes an excellent blog at Seattle Tall Poppy, has worked with Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and is a top-notch chef and foodie. Check back later for our gastronomic adventures that weekend.

I need to share my experience at Hotel Max with all of you. First let say that I highly recommend the folks at Hotel Max for guest service and the beds for a very deep comfortable sleep.


If you ever decide to try Hotel Max, make sure to take advantage of the bell staff’s local knowledge. Jeffrey and Jonathan possess deep knowledge of area nightlife and great restaurants. I spent a lot of time talking with Jeffrey about Seattle and how it’s changed since 1991.

I arrived just after noon, late for a meeting with the folks from Coffee Fest due to Amtrak Cascade having to stop and clean dead leaves from the wheels. If you’re late too, you can always just leave your bags at the desk before checking in at no charge.


Next door is the restaurant Red Fin. Amazing Sushi and Japanese cuisine with a smattering of American – they stay open late to provide room service and cocktails for the hotel guests.


After wrapping up with Coffee Fest – I checked in. Here’s the hallway to my room:


Here’s another hallway. Each door is individually decorated with awesome art photos!


Ok – the most important part. How’s the bed? Freakin’ awesome, I tell ya!


I had a great view from the 9th floor of the skyline and the Space Needle, set against a very black gathering storm for the night. Amenities are excellent, even including sustainably sourced bathing offerings. Shower, anyone?


Entirely smoke free, this hotel rocks. Each room is different – edgy, modern and Euro. Every room has art by different artists and a fully stocked snack and beverage bar. No need to use the business center unless you have to print.. And there’s a well-provided exercise room on the second floor.

Hey Hotel Max – I’ll be back in December!


Hotel Max is located at 620 Stewart Street in downtown Seattle.