Chalkboarder was founded in June 2009 by new media junkies and veteran social media users Jeffrey Kingman and Judith Smith. Weeks later Bill Bridgmon, a deeply seasoned and experienced national salesman and hospitality expert, was added.

In early 2010, Chalkboarder merged an older sister firm, Chocorua Group, into the brand. Chocorua Group was founded in late 2007 as a strategic brand and concept developer, primarily marketing development and operational services to the hospitality industry.

We constantly seek talented, creative, slightly edgy multi-disciplinary pros for our offices in Portland, Oregon. We chose Portland as our headquarters for its sustainable livability, the creative professional community and the very talented labor force.

Regional offices are located in New Hampshire, New Jersey, Florida and Texas.

Jeffrey J Kingman, CEO & Co-Founder (Portland OR)

Jeffrey J Kingman

With thirty years experience encompassing commercial, non-profit and military segments across North America, participation in several startups and strategic brand/concept development, Jeffrey brings vision, broad strategy and managerial abilities to lead into position as a leading provider of social media strategies and resources to diverse organizations. Extensive team-leadership experience in the hospitality sector (the second largest industry in the USA) and collaborating with a wide range of organizations throughout his career brings to clients insight, understanding and creative solution-making.

Jeffrey has been communicating online since the first days of AOL and Yahoo, started his first blog on local northern New England politics in 2004, has experience in managing political and issue campaigns and is extensively studying the growing impact of technology and social media on organizations from an management and human resource perspective. Driven, often working fourteen-plus hour days six days a week, he is continually sifting and mining the latest in social media, sustainability, hospitality, economics and national affairs.

Twitter:           @JeffreyJKingman




Jennifer Collins, SE Regional Sales Director

Jennifer Collins

A self proclaimed foodie, Jenn Collins was in and out of the restaurant industry for more than 15 years while moving toward a career in trend forecasting and marketing.

In 2005, her first “big girl” job took her to Boston to a marketing firm, where she was assigned to create and implement business solutions for clients to retain and expand customer bases. As a leader in outsourced face-to-face sales, Jenn represented some of the world’s most recognized brands covering many different industries. She achieved success by meeting the clients’ customer acquisition goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive, nurturing environment — making it a win-win situation for clients and employees alike.

Her ability to teach and lead others to duplicate this method landed her in Indianapolis to build a successful sales team and co-manage her own office. Only 9 months later she was sent to Kansas City to do it again!  After 2 1/2 years of 10-12 hour days Jenn was at a career ceiling with the company and felt there was nothing left to learn.

She took a break from the corporate whirlwind, fell in love, got married, had a beautiful preemie baby, Lolie; started her own events management company, wrote a book, and landed the family in Florida where she merged together her marketing skills and knowledge of the hospitality industry into her own company “Dish it Out”  — a small but fun way for Jenn to play chef, bartender, event coordinator, hostess, server and manager.

Currently Jenn’s working on a book for families that illustrates the experience in the Intensive Care Unit through the eyes of a premature baby — a way for parents to understand better what this experience entails and a story to read to the newborn. Jenn hopes to publish this book to help support and give hope to families who are going through this traumatic experience.  Proceeds from this book will support March of Dimes, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Davids House.

And now, a new episode! Via facebook, Jenn reconnected with old friend and co-worker Jeffrey Kingman. After following his blogs and interests posted on Facebook Jenn took it upon herself to start asking him questions about what he was doing and where he was taking his company.  With intense curiosity and excitement about “Chalkboader” Jenn asked to join the team. So here we are.

“Chalkboarder offers me the opportunity to expand markets all across the Southeast in a field I so completely enjoy.  I really look forward to working with everyone involved with Chalkboarder!  And I’m so grateful to be a part of the next best thing!!!  Let’s see this blow up!”

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