We are relationship engineers, assisting clients and brands with strategic networking business-to-business, business-to-consumer and human-to-human, both through proprietary contact networks and through experienced digital and social web strategies.

We provide strategic and highly creative digital community management, consulting, strategic brand/concept development and operational management of social media for organizations nationally. Our team has extensive hospitality and retail experience.

Our clients range from extremely complex associations dealing with legislative and multi-front issues both locally and nationally – to hospitality, nonprofits, manufacturers, retail and performance groups.

Dynamic Social Web Strategies

There’s a shift happening in use of the web to connect brands with consumers and customers. A robust conversion of contact to customer requires much more than Twitter and Facebook presences. Highly effective strategies depend on creative and customized strategies that include

  • branded content production
  • conversations
  • compelling messages with clear calls to action

This is your story… where we join your team: producing, distributing  and managing brand development through social networks, blogging, video and conversations that build and nurture your villages.

Relationship Engineering

A blend of old-school networking, social web networking and direct contact, Relationship Engineering for your brand uses any method available to get you face to face with prospective clients and customers. We’re constantly building our village networks, adding key contacts in diverse industries daily. Similar to dating introduction services, we put you in contact with the decision makers you seek.

Social Media On Demand

You’ve got a big event scheduled, with hundreds, maybe thousands, of participants and lots of action. You want to spread as wide a publicity path as possible… before, during and after. You want the event to be front-page news. We create broad-path social web content before, during and after. High quality video clips, street interviews, action footage and creative content. All of it titled, search-engine-optimized, accurately descripted and social web distributed within minutes.

Our camera operators are savvy, skilled and unobtrusive. They capture the best of your event – the drama, the highlights. Engage the broader community. Capture last minute revenues. Build search engine discoverable content. We’ll bring your event to the web within moments.

Chalkboarder’s Social Media On Demand can handle multiple day, multiple venue events throughout North America.

Strategic Brand & Concept Development

As entrepreneurs, Chalkboarder provides business consulting on diverse projects (some our own), specializing in strategic brand and concept development. Whether it’s a restaurant or hotel concept, a visionary product to revolutionize service or even a brilliant game to take to market – we provide the skill and elbow-grease to help you launch or improve.


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