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April 18, 2010

Higher Grounds Coffee Roaster (NJ)

We met Higher Grounds Coffee Roaster virtually after Coffee Fest Meadowlands. I’d received 1200+ email addresses of Show attendees from Coffee Fest and emailed all of them describing Chalkboarder’s services. HGCR replied within a few days in query.

Interestingly, we experienced a .02% return on that mass emailing, further reinforcing my belief that email just sucks as a direct marketing tool, even when it isn’t really “cold-calling”. I’m not sure how to assess if it was content or that it came directly from and got blocked or ignored. We’re assessing if email could be better if it came from a service like iContact or Constant Contact.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been chatting with HGCR about a social media strategy for them. Its been a great conversation with detailed questions from Mark Devlin, one of the partners of HGCR. I appreciate the depth and breadth of his inquiries and have been contrasting this experience to others that simply said “I don’t understand this Social Media stuff – can you just get started and go do it?”.

Suffice to say, this post is a thank you to Mark – for your critical insight and questions. I enjoy being challenged like this.

Jeffrey J Kingman, CEO